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Why settle for merely coping, when you can thrive?

There’s nothing wrong with simply doing okay some of the time. It’s when this becomes your default setting that it can become a problem,
because the more you miss the mark regarding your personal and professional growth, the more your confidence and performance slides.

That’s why we established Resilient Minds; the ‘we’ being co-Directors Kim Tay and Jamie Ford.

Jamie pioneered resilient mindset training in the 1990s and has been successfully introducing the Science of Optimism to major local and international corporates, sporting professionals, and business undergraduates, ever since.

Meanwhile, Kim has spent 20 years applying her expertise in qualitative research to bring about organisational change in numerous blue-chip companies, government agencies, and charities.

The Science of Optimism.

Drawing on the ground-breaking work of Dr Martin Seligman, one of the world’s most influential psychologists, the Science of Optimism literally works with our brain’s natural neuroplasticity to re-wire the way we think. It’s all based on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and psychology, which proves that with the right training we can fine tune our grey matter, enabling us to take charge of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

By applying these principles Kim and Jamie help individuals and organisations perform better and achieve more through:

• Learning and development programmes
• Customised in-house training
• Public workshops
• One-on-one coaching
• Family coaching
• Pre- and post-employment psychometric assessments
• HR management advice

Whether one-on-one, or as part of a group, Resilient Minds will help you, or your team, nip that downward spiral of complacency in the bud and provide the means to get more motivation from your successes.

Jamie Ford

A natural pessimist, Jamie completely transformed his own mindset after studying the Science of Optimism and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in business performance in the US.

Now a thought leader in behavioural change, he excels in turning around the thinking habits of others, including several years tackling the most challenging of social problems as a drug and alcohol addiction counsellor for the Salvation Army.

Today, Jamie pours his expertise into business sector mentoring those in senior management positions in training, HR and sales. He also runs the University of Auckland’s “Mental Toughness” short course at the Business School, which is in the top five of all short courses.

Jamie is a charter associate member of the International Positive Psychology Association, a founding member of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology, and a member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.

Jamie himself is professionally supervised by Dr Judith McMorland. Jamie has three adult daughters and is the proud grandfather of two granddaughters and two grandsons. His personal interests include playing trombone in competitive brass bands, with seven NZ & Australian titles to his name. He’s enjoyed collecting numerous bronze, silver and gold National Sprint Championship medals in outrigger canoe racing (waka ama) as well.

Kim Tay

The science behind how people think, feel and act is the driving force in Kim’s approach to training and coaching. She lives at the cutting edge of research in neuroscience and psychology and their practical applications to enhancing human performance.

A highly specialised qualitative researcher, Kim spent 20 years helping blue chip companies, government agencies and charities to be more successful through better understanding their customers, consumers and donors. She now focuses on bringing about organisational success through unlocking the potential of their people.

Building on her psychology degree, Kim dived into studying the emerging field of positive psychology in 2005. She has gratefully been applying the learnings on the parenting front as well as the work front – surprisingly enjoying her two teenage daughters’ navigation through adolescence. When she’s not on the sidelines of the girls’ sports fields you’ll find her surfing, playing tennis, doing yoga or reading the latest research on human behaviour.


“I’ve received a promotion to run the company’s largest branch, & the techniques you taught on your course played a large part in me getting there. I’m (almost) unflappable & very little gets me down these days. Oh joy!!”

Matthew - Sales Centre Manager

“I found the tools provided by this course astonishing, and despite being on countless courses over the course of my career, this one was truly a much different proposition. Jamie focuses on the principles of emotional intelligence, delivering the tools that some of us need to truly stretch our capacity for an enhanced mental resilience capacity, and a more optimistic frame of thinking. I observed how powerful his message was amongst all the course participants, and although I rated myself as pretty tough mentally, I gained much.”

Andrew - Director, Financial Markets Company

“It was great fun and very informative. I highly recommend the ‘Attitude is Everything’ seminar and the application of the concepts helps me to improve at work and home.”

Darren Wallis - Chief Executive Officer, G.J. Gardner Homes

“What I liked most about the ‘Resilience’ programme was the attitude shift from a pessimistic outlook to optimistic with tools that are practical and usable. I highly recommend this programme because the material is based on proven scientific research.”

Rob Penney - Head Coach Canterbury Rugby Football Union 2006 to 2011

“The way Jamie presented the ‘Attitude is Everything’ seminar was fantastic. I was taking it all in because of the enthusiasm of it all. I highly recommend the seminar as the ideas and strategies can be easily used by any person and the application of concepts helps me to improve at work and home. I think it gives great inroads to help people achieve the things they are capable of by changing their thinking.”

Lance Irving - Managing Director, Smith & Sons Franchisee, Christchurch

“What I liked about the “Learned Optimism and Resilience” programme is that the content is practical, simple and easily applicable. It made a positive difference to how I perceive events in my life. The programme has enabled me to take more ownership of successes, while dwelling less on adversities that we face. I am now more conscious and better equipped to model positive, optimistic behaviour and language. I highly recommend the Learned Optimism and Resilience Programme as it makes a difference.”

Steve Lancaster - High Performance Leader Crusaders - now Head of Provincial Union Rugby at New Zealand Rugby