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How to have more fun in your life

Here are 6 ways to have more fun in your life…  1: Laugh to Your Heart’s Content  If we wake up in a funk, it’s easy to find ourselves in a  bummer of a mood that is hard to shake off. Start your  day by reading funny comics in your newspaper or watching  a...

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Be grateful

Nothing is more important than your health.  If, before you were born, you were given the following choice,  which would you choose?  To be born a millionaire but crippled  To be healthy but penniless  Would you trade in your consciousness for half a million dollars?  Your ability to move for $250,000?  Would you give...

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The 90-10 happiness rule

The 90/10 rule for happiness says that we have no  control over about 10% of what happens to us each day.  We cannot stop the computer from breaking down. A driver  may cut us off in traffic. Someone may be rude to us.  We have no control over many things like these each day. ...

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